October 2: Black Photo Libraries launches

For years now, one of my favourite things to do as a writer is to see how the written word can interact with other art forms (I think the late photographer Alf Kumalo and I collaborating on the Mandela house biography 8115: A Prisoner’s Home back in 2010 or curating Artistic Encounters from 2016-2019 and then returning with it earlier this year… and coming in 2023 but starting next year, a project with five writers and two other art forms that I know you’ll all really like).

So, I am honoured that I am one of the essayists in this project with the Market Photo Workshop which include photographers I admire immensely like Cynthia Mavuso, Santu Mofokeng, Sam Nzima, Mabel Cetu and others.

For launch details, please email bpl@marketphotoworkshop.co.za