Judging the Grand Prix Panafricain de Littérature

I am on the international judging panel of the new Grand Prix Panafricain de Littérature and I request that you enter for this prize.

The Grand Prix Panafricain de Littérature in an initiative of DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi the head of the African Union. The new prize is intended to recognize an author from the continent who has produced a remarkable work in prose or verse touching on fiction (novel, short story, theater, tale, poetry).

For the first edition, no theme is imposed on the participants. The works must however reflect the values ​​enshrined in the Charter of the African Union, such as solidarity, Pan Africanism, and peaceful cohabitation of peoples.

For those who still wish to participate organisers are still receiving texts in English or French published after January 1, 2020, written by Africans in the broad sense: living in Africa or belonging to the diasporas. The deadline for entry is October 15. After this date, the preselection committee made up of Congolese academics will meet to choose the five titles that will be submitted to the “international jury.”

For those who want to take part in the competition your deadline is October 15; send five books to;

Japhet Tekila
+243 815 949 132
Panel de l’Union Africaine (African Union Panel HQ)
4854, avenue Lukusa, Immeuble Orgaman.
Commune de la Gombe.
Kinshasa/RDC Référence: en diagonale du Premier shopping Mall.